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Custom keyboard cases and covers are specialty tablet cases and covers that have broad appeal. Schools and companies often purchase custom keyboard covers and cases to use in classrooms and offices to protect devices and assist students and employees. Ideal for promotional giveaways, custom keyboard covers and cases offer value to recipients and are often purchased wholesale by online and brick-and-mortar retailers to sell in their stores.

What Are Custom Keyboard Cases and Covers?

Custom keyboard cases and covers are cases for tablet computers that add functionality to tablets. The custom keyboard covers and cases have integrated viewing stands to keep tablets upright and easily accessible. In addition, these protective cases feature full QWERTY keyboards on the insides of their covers. With these keyboards, the cases transform ordinary tablets into mini laptops.

How Do Custom Keyboard Covers and Cases Work?

A custom tablet keyboard case is equipped with BlueTooth technology. When it is turned on, a tablet computer will automatically sense its presence and give the user the opportunity to sync with the tablet accessory. Pairing happens very quickly, and any tablet that is equipped with BlueTooth can be used with the keyboards. We can produce custom keyboard covers and cases for any type of tablet, including Android models and every generation of iPad and iPad Mini.

Benefits of Custom Keyboard Cases and Covers

Employees, students, customers and clients who receive custom keyboard covers and cases appreciate them for a number of reasons, including:

- Convenience. Custom keyboard covers and cases make it much easier to use a tablet computer. Many people hesitate to use their tablets for certain tasks because the onscreen touch screen keyboards can lead to typing errors. The full QWERTY keyboards make it much simpler to use a tablet, and the keyboards are attached to the cases, so there is no need to carry a separate accessory.

- Protection. Custom keyboard cases and covers protect every part of a tablet from scratches, even the touch screens. As a result, they can extend the life of mobile devices.

- Professional Look. Our custom keyboard covers and cases are made out of vegan polyurethane leather or genuine leather, giving them a very luxurious look and feel. This makes the cases ideal for use by executives, professionals and other individuals who are concerned with maintaining a professional image.

For your company, school or organization, custom keyboard cases and covers will provide benefits, too, such as:

- Providing Value to Recipients. Employees and students will be able to work more efficiently with the help of custom keyboard covers and cases and get more out of their devices. When you distribute these cases at promotional events, you'll offer something that will have real value to recipients, which will make them think highly of your company.

- Versatile. There are many ways to customize custom keyboard covers and cases to suit your business needs, and printing and logo design and optimization are free. Click on a product to learn more about customization options or select "Get Quote" for pricing information.



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